Attorney at Law, Vienna

In my law firm you get on you perfectly tailored legal advice. With me you are as a person in the foreground and not the degree of your celebrity or the amount of your assets.

I represent individuals as well as companies operating nationally and internationally.

We try to solve your problems quickly. If it is necessary, I am also happy to visit you for advise.

A lawyer is obligated to strict confidentiality. What do you trust me, therefore will remain strictly confidential. Discretion is of great importance.

My fee will be agreed with you prior and is absolutely transparent to you.

Before my firm foundation I worked for several years in various renowned Viennese law firms in different legal areas. The Bar exam, which takes place in an international comparison according to very strict criteria in the form of written and a board of three, oral exam, I passed with very good success.

I represent my clients in front of courts and administrative authorities, mainly in the following fields of activity:

Criminal Law

I represent you in all criminal matters.

Foreign law

Foreign law is the law that applies only to those people who do not have Austrian citizenship. I support you, if you want to get a short-term, temporary right of residence in Austria and also if you want to settle permanently in Austria. In addition, I represent you, if you were forbidden to reside in Austria or was arranged that you have to leave Austria.

Family Law

I represent you in divorce among other things, disputes over marital maintenance and upkeep if your marriage was dissolved when children require maintenance over a parent. With violence in the family I represent either the victim or the perpetrator: Restraining orders are to be sought, to protect them from the violence of the perpetrator for the victim. Sometimes, however, must also be protected by those who are accused to have been violent: This charge is levied occasionally to put in a marriage crisis in the wake of a divorce or the partner under pressure.

Administrative Criminal Law

Administration of criminal justice is part of criminal law, which is to perform administrative authorities. A management authority must establish a situation and possibly to impose a penalty, such as for violations of the Aliens Employment Act, an alien has been employed without government permission. Or violations of an employer’s obligation to register its employees with health insurance fund or the tax office, „moonlighting“, I represent you.

Administrative penalties are often injured in road traffic, such as traffic accidents. Administrative penalties can be found eg in the driver’s license law, regulations in the construction industry, with craftsmen in the hospitality industry in tax regulations, etc.

Tort Law

Here I will support you to enforce your claims due to accidents, property damage, personal injury or poor performance of the contract. Is a focus to enforce claims arising from defective medical education or medical malpractice. But also to represent You if You are sued it to replace another damage.

Media Law

I represent you, if, in a medium such as a newspaper, on television or the Internet says you have committed a crime or you were the victim of a crime if you are known by the general public or be recognized by people, who would otherwise become aware of the allegations made ​​against you have no knowledge. This includes when a portrait of you is disseminated to the public and thus your legitimate interests are violated.

Corporate Law

I build for you statutes for partnership agreements such as the form of a limited liability company (Gmbh at austrian law, similar than LLC), advise you at the company purchase, inform you on all trade regulations, permits, conditions etc, complain for your requirements, support you against claims from contractors due to warranty and compensation, and design contracts for you.

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